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About PhiMates


Who are we?

We are five friends (PhiMates) who had a common interest in trading the financial markets and we formed a company dedicated to trading. We also aim to deliver consulting and educational services related to trading to the general public. Four of the Directors live in Melbourne, Australia and one lives in Brisbane. At this time all five of us are part-time traders and we also hold regular day jobs. At some point in the future we aspire to be full-time traders and employees of PhiMates !

We love trading because;

  • It can potentially make us financially independant by generating another source of income

  • We can engage in the business of trading in our private time from virtually anywhere - all we need is a phone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection

  • Markets do not care whether we are man or woman, Asian or Caucasian, Black, Brown, Yellow or White, Young or Old or any other criteria by which traditional workplaces judge people

  • Every day in the markets is different and offers something new to learn

  • Transforms us into a state of "Flow" when we analyze and trade the markets

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