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Hello & Welcome to PhiMates Pty. Ltd. Website !

We are a privately owned Australian company specializing in trading the financial markets. The purpose of this website is to share our analysis and interpretation of the financial markets with interested visitors. We use a variety of technical analysis indicators, tools and charting software and we analyze various markets in multiple timeframes. While we are fascinated by the fractal behaviour of markets and mass psychology of traders to understand the big picture pattern and patterns that repeat, we rely on objective trading methods such as "Moving Average Channel" (MAC) taught by Jake Bernstein for our Trade Set-up, Trigger and Follow Through.

We mostly trade these markets as position and swing traders and sometimes we dabble in day trading;

  • Standard & Poor 500 (SPX) - Index CFD

  • ASX 200 (Aussie200) - Index CFD



  • Cash Gold (XAUUSD)

  • US Stocks

  • ASX Stocks

Please click on the links above to see the specific market context and our forecast direction and value for that market. Please note that we have deliberately chosen to portray the Weekly Charts for that market to portray the medium-term context. Our intention is to update the chart and forecast for that market every weekend.

From time to time we will also upload video's to explain our analysis and forecast.
You are welcome to leave appropriate and relevant comments. You can also visit us on

Observation for the week

(28-Oct-2013 to 01-Nov-2013)

  • The Primary and Secondary trend of the market (S&P500) as indicated by the slope of 50,100 & 200 Exponential Moving Averages is stilll clearly BULLISH (Has been regardless of the Taper talk, Syria situation, Fed Chairman nomination and the Debt stand-off)

  • However there is a growing divergence between S&P500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average. S&P500 made a new high last week but DJIA did not. Dow Transports made a new high but DJIA did not. Further, while S&P500 made new highs on Wed, Thu and Fri, Momentum (RSI) did not. Is this divergence warning us that the rally is tiring? Is there a Black Swan event directly ahead? We think so because it is precisely at such times where traders are complacent without a worry, even arrogant and there is no sign of any trouble ahead that danger lurks ahead for the Bulls.

  • S&P500 may decline from around 1760- 1770 level. Although all the objective indicators are clearly in the Long Set-up you can easily spot the divergence between price and momentum (6-period RSI). Also if the markets are forming what looks like an ending diagonal then it is possible for SPX to commence 1-3% decline this week of 28-Oct to 1-Nov.

NOTE: This site provides trading suggestions and forecasts purely out of goodwill and for illustration purposes. PhiMates Pty Ltd or its Directors and employees will not be responsible for any losses resulting from following these trading suggestions. PhiMates Pty Ltd or its Directors and employees do not hold any accreditation or licence to provide financial advice of any kind.

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